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Almost everyone these days shops on the internet and a top notch online store is a must if you want to compete in today’s market. At Pensacola Web Designs, we understand eCommerce and what it takes to not only design an online store but what it takes to run one. We always review how our customers do business before we start developing an eCommerce solution. This review allows us to build an online store that compliments business processes instead of hindering them. We understand many different database structures and languages and can usually build in automation procedures that eliminate a lot of the strenuous tasks that are associated with running disconnected systems.

wooWooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that turns WordPress into a very powerful ecommerce system.  We really like WooCommerce because of how well in integrates into WordPress so it gives you many options on marketing your products using posts, newsletters and more.   We have installed many WooCommerce systems for our clients and they love how they don’t have to learn two systems because of how it works within WordPress.  WooCommerce is open source and there are lots of premium additions to really make this system a great option for small to mid size businesses looking to start online sales or to improve an existing online store.

opencartWe really like the Opencart eCommerce platform for websites looking to sell products online through a robust system.  Opencart is open source with thousands of extensions to make it perform about any and every task you could imagine.  There are lots of payment gateways, shipping options and various management tools available to turn Opencart into a powerful system.

zen-cart-review-logoZenCart is another open source platform that has tons of options out of the box and a large list of modifications and extensions available.  We don’t normally install ZenCart for new customers but we have  several clients who were already running ZenCart that we have helped upgrade versions and enhance their ZenCart systems.

oscommerceosCommerce is another open source platform that we have used in the past.  We don’t usually installed osCommerce for our customers but we have a few who use osCommerce and we have helped them keep their systems up to date and added new features to help their online stores perform better and be easier to maintain.  If you are currently running osCommerce and need help updating it or improving the functionality, we will be glad to help.

If you want to get your product catalog on eBay but just don”t think you have the time, you may be looking about it all wrong. eBay has a very power API that allows you to list your products almost automatically. We have helped customers develop API interfaces which take their existing database of products and automatically list, update and end items on eBay stores and eBay auctions. Contact us today if you would like more information on integrating your product database with eBay.

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